Thursday, January 05, 2012

My Wish List 2012

There is lots of books coming out this year that i'm looking forward to. So I thought i'd share with you just a couple that i'm most excited about.

Deborah Harkness-Shadow Of Night

Shadow Of Night is the second book in the All Souls trilogy written by Deborah Harkness. I quite enjoyed A Discovery Of Witches, the first book. It is about a young woman, Diana Bishop ( a witch) who finds a book in the Bodleian library which has strange magical powers. It begins to reveal the secrets of her parents' past and reignites her forgotten witchy powers. She meets Matthew Clairemont along the way, a vampire who is after the much sought alchemical manuscript and needless to say, as they delve ever deeper into the manuscripts secrets,  a forbidden love also begins to emerge. It's a very simple story but still very gripping and doesn't fall in with the cliché Twilighty crowd.

John Green-The Fault In Our Stars
I found author John Green through YouTube. I've been following his channel set up with his brother for quite some time as they are quite the quirky booky people like myself  and find their videos quite funny and interesting. I've read a couple of Green's books in the past which I did like but wasn't fully into them as much as the channel, Vlogbrothers. However John read two chapters of The Fault In Our Stars on his channel and giggled quite a lot and found the subject intriguing. You can see that video here:

Peter V Brett-The Daylight War
Andy wants this book too (he just told me-"a noteworthy mention") It's Brett's third book in the Demon Series. I was hooked on the first two books and even managed to get Andy to read them which he loved too. I've also recently read a couple of short stories by Brett which was also very interesting and can't wait till Daylight War comes out. You can read more of a description of Peter V Bretts book series here: Painted Man Review

There's a few others that are rumored to come out this year but highly doubt they will but those are my favourite i'm looking forward to :)

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