About Me!


I am Amy, parent to Oscar who LOVES to read books thank goodness. I've been reading and collecting books as far back as I can remember.

The first books I really remember getting into was CS. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia. In fact, one day when I was younger, my teacher asked us all to bring in a book we all enjoy reading. The majority of kids brought in picture books, whereas I brought in The Silver Chair to read. Which was apparently 4-5years ahead of what I was meant to be reading.

I can't say my reading skills have grown much since then though! I prefer to read teen fiction and childrens picture books, with the occasional 'weird' book.

I'm temporarily out of work so I get to spend a bit more time at home with Oscar in the evenings and we read every night before bed. It's a nice little routine at the moment

Oscar has always been a cheeky little chappie. He always has something to say and loves being centre of attention (as most only children are!). He's definitely not shy for the camera and is always always on the go. Even when he's sick he won't keep still and will just carry on through regardless.

anyway, there's a little intro to our lives. Enjoy our book reviews!!