Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Best And Worst Of This Week 1st-7th Jan 12

A fab new meme for me to do, and seeing as a) I haven't done one in AGES and b) my week has been so up and down, this one suits me perfect.

It's "The Best and Worst of my week" by Ramblings of a Suburban Mummy

My week started off with a low point. I had booked my decrepit Seat Arosa in for an MOT. I knew it was going to fail because the drivers side door wouldn't open from the outside. But we hoped it wouldn't cost too much and carry on driving the poor little thing. So, we took Oscar to pre-school (which later turned out he shouldn't have gone because funded kids were meant to start next week. Their fault for telling me the wrong date!) It was gale force winds and lashings of rain to boot. By the time we'd gotten home from dropping the car off we were soaked through. (there was no point in using the brolly, it would've broken in the wind!).

Anyway, an hour or so later we're informed it had failed on 14 things which would tote up to about 1000 big ones. First thing we did was phone the scrap car man and had it taken away for a measly 60quid.

Then the hunt for a new car begun. It was a blessing in disguise that our holiday this year had to be cancelled because we used that money to buy our new Peugeot. It's a sexy little thing-well in comparison to a bloody Arosa.

My favourite features are the boot which I can actually fit shopping into! And it has a glass roof. Purrrrr. (Oscars favourite is that he has his own door!)
So although it started off being a pain the the butt, I think it was just a cosmic boot up the arse to get it sorted and get a new nice car.

I also finally got my new memory card for my sexalicious new camera and have been playing around with that. I've not been able to use it since my Dad bought it for me for Christmas.

And last but certainly not least. I have convinced the boyf to have another baby within the next 2 years. YAY. It's only taken about a year but he's finally given in!

Unfortunatley im using my old PC-laptop has broken- so it wont let me grab the badge!!!!! but here's a link to it i suppose... :/


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