Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas & New Year!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and santa brought you all you wanted!
Oscar got plenty of new books to sink his teeth into and I got an IPhone (and ibooks app!) So we'll have a few reviews coming up sooooon!
Here's what happened over our christmas.

I worked a tonne up till day before new years eve. But as soon as work was over I launched into christmas mode. I cleaned the house then set to work on the stuffing I promised my mother in law. I'd never made it before and didn't even have time for a trial run. So i had one shot and this is what it ended up like.

Yes, not that appetising i know but everyone seemed to like it. I got the recipe from Gordon Ramsey so i'll blame him!
Oscar watched The Polar Express on christmas eve then we put his sack at the end of the bed waiting for santa.

 He woke up on christmas and came straight into our bedroom and climbed into bed with me. I dont' think he realised santa was supposed to have come that night! I had to take him back into his bedroom to show him his presents were there! then the frenzy began! I think his favourite present he was looking forward to was his "lightening Mcqueen tracks"

Daddy got very grumpy setting it up and ended up gluing bits together because they wouldn't click into place. But eventually it got working and we've had lots of races with his Cars 2 die-cast cars set!
Then we went to Granny's house and opened even more presents and ate all the yummy foods. I hate "indulging" over the christmas period. I'll eat a few bits of junk food but i hate that stuffed feeling so i was fairly good considering i'm on a diet!

On boxing day I got very annoyed with my hair. About a month ago i went to the hairdressers to get it cut to shoulder length and have my fringe put back in. But my stylist said he didn't think it'd suit me so i went with his "expert" opinion. Of course I got home after, washed my hair and apart from it being about an inch shorter, was exactly the way i left it in the first place! annoying! so I decided to just lop it off myself. (with the help of MIL!)

And for new years, Oscar spent the night with his Uncle and we had a nice night in listening to new wave music and watching the fireworks on telly. Simple but we spent so much on christmas this year that we couldn't really afford to do anything special for new years. 
I also started my first ever new years resolution. I've never bothered with it before because i have very little willpower but i decided to buy some jeans that dont quite fit which i am determined to get into asap! It's absolutely killing me already but im starting back at the gym after a 4 week break so hopefully that will motivate me a bit more. 
This is my entire diet. 1 glass, 3-4times a day!

So, that's it really.
Beginning to get back into the swing of things so more blog posts coming up soon :)

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