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The Painted Man review

So, you may have guessed by now I love Sci-Fi Fantasy books! Some of you won't but I promise I will do some normalish book reviews at some point for all you chick lit lovers. For now though, here is a short review of The Painted Man by Peter V Brett.

The Painted Man is the first books in Brett's Demon Series. I think it's very difficult to create a fantasy novel that is unique and original. I've read many many books that have attempted something new and interesting and have failed miserably due to cliché's or have just left me feeling like it's a mash of this that and the other book that I've already seemed to read a million times over.
I found this book from another favourite author of mine's reading list, Patrick Rothfuss and decided I may as well add it to my collection to see if I like it. At first I thought it might be a bit beyond me as the blurb didn't sound all that fun, however after the first chapter I was definitely hooked, which is good and bad for me. I love to find a new book that will blow my socks off but at the same time, I read my books in 10 minute installments on my breaks at work and knew it would be very frustrating for me to put it down after that short a time!
So, the book is broken up into 3 characters stories. Arlen (the main character) Leesha and Rojer all of whom live in a demon infested world where it isn't safe to go out at night for fear of being "cored" (killed and eaten) by these demons, known as 'Corelings'. The demons are all different from ones that seem like pixies to great big towering monsters that follow you around if you dared to P them off, but all of which would take your life if you stepped outside of the 'Wards', which are magical runes around a building or similar to keep the little blighters out.
The only part of this book I didn't like was when Arlen is visiting Krasia. As another reviewer described it, "At some points I feel ready to see Osama Bin Laden walk across the page"  as from the moment Brett started describing Krasia all I could picture was Islamic culture. It just didn't feel as 'made up' as the other cities described in the book and thought perhaps he just came back from a holiday in the middle east. The book ends on a very good cliffhanger though and I can't wait to read the next book in the series 'The Desert Spear'.
I haven't had the chance to read this yet as I ran out of my book allowance ( yes I have a book allowance, I need one or I'd be very very poor) However, I plan to buy it very soon. But this book definitely ranks in my top 10 most favouritest book series ever so far and would recommend it to anyone who will listen.
This book is known as "The Warded Man" in the US.

RRP £7.99 -well worth it!
"It has been confirmed that the Demon Cycle has been optioned for film production by the major Hollywood director Paul W. S. Anderson and longtime producing partner Jeremy Bolt, the duo behind the "Resident Evil" movie franchise." Source Wikipedia
Voted one of the top ten fantasy novels of 2008 by
review extract from  Joshua S Hill

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