Monday, March 05, 2012

I Have a Thing...For Gingers

I have a thing....for red headed lovlies. 

There I said it. 

Some of the hottest people I can think of have ginger hair.

Shut up, I know you're thinking "Ron frickin' Weasley!?"
Even in the books I fancied him more than I did soppy Harry.

Anyway the reason I bring this up is because my BFF is a ginger. It obviously not the only reason i'm friends with her but helps.

I've not had many close friends in my life before, mostly because my step-dad was a Royal Marine which meant we had to move every 2 years, so pretty much as soon as I got close to someone i'd end up having to move and not keeping in contact with them. (This was in the pre-facebook days when your only means of contact was to write a letter or run up mums phone bill).

Although I've been living in Plymouth for 10 years now It has still been difficult for me to change my mindset of making friends. I've made friends mostly through parenting websites since my son was born and still occasionally speak to those people but mainly just over facebook. 

At first, Lauren and I didn't reeeeally get on. It just feels a little awkward when you try to make friends for the purposes of playdates I think. So we sorted that issue out by chucking playdates out the window and now our children are, in the nicest possible way, an inconvenience! 
I love spending lots of time with my family but Lauren and I tend to dump our kids with our men and head out to cinema, Flabelos...Amsterdam!

We like similar things, have similar parenting styles and generally can pretty much know what the other is thinking. I also probably wouldn't be blogging if she hadn't of kicked things off!

Although we haven't known each other for years or anything, I can see us being 50 odd and still complaining about our fellas, children and shoddy kids tv shows. So we did this!

So there's a nice little soppy post about my Bff Lauren.

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