Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mothers Day Book

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I have finally gotten my computer back from the fixing man and can start actually doing stuff online now. woo hoo.

Mothers day is but a stones throw away and perhaps you're looking for a nice book for your little people. Well here's a great idea you and your kids can get into. 

This is by Usborne Activities, called Things to make for mums. Which I'm guessing from last years macaroni and glitter picture frame you're in desperate need of! It's full of clever ideas and projects for children to create for their lovely mums. There is an abundance of how to pictures and step by step guides and a bazillion stickers to add that extra umpf to the things they create. Activities include such things as paper flowers, chocolate truffles and yes, the inevitable decorated picture frame.

Usborne also has many other creative colouring and activity books that could give you hours of peace and quiet while you enjoy a breakfast in bed and Eastenders omnibus.

Whatever you do for your mothers day, make sure you don't do much!

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