Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I Eat Books And Babies...And Cake.

Lauren (from The Wonderful Adventures of Spud and Spike) and I have been testing out a new weight loss idea. A company called FLABeLOS has promised that within 3 weeks of using their weight loss machines we will have dropped a dress size.

Challenge Accepted!

We went along first with a few of Laurens friends to a "Wobble Party" to see what it was like and after much giggling, dancing and wobbly bellies, we decided to pay for 3 more weeks to see if we could lose anything before committing any further.

How It Works!
The machines were designed by NASA, based on Newtons Law of Gravitation, to help combat muscle wastage and osteoporosis in astronauts over 30 years ago. It is used to send out a fast sequence of vibrations specifically to trigger and stimulate muscle walls. The plates move up and down at different speeds and your body naturally tries to stabilize you so you work your muscles a lot harder. You really can work you body hard using some really simple techniques!

The results seem to be very divided from what i've read across the internet. It works for the majority but does leave some people disappointed, and at the price they charge per session i'd be quite annoyed too. Which is why we decided to test first before we fork out too much money!

10minutes on a flabelos machine is equal to an hour in the gym. You can just stand still on the machine and may see some benefits from it, but the best way is to do some normal exercises on it to really push your body a bit further. It does sound very easy just doing a few exercises on a moving plate, but trust me...doing squats on that thing can really make your thighs burn! And you can really feel the work out the next day too!

I will be visiting my FLABeLOS studio 3 times a week for 3 weeks and posting up results (if any!) as I go.

Also keep updated on how Lauren is going over at her blog! And have a peek at her Shakin' her body at the Wobble Party!!

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