Thursday, February 09, 2012

Part Time Working Mums

As you may have seen this morning, my ugly (and surprisingly very chubby) mush was on a television show talking about mums who work part time and how it affects my career. 

I said how I was working full time before I had my son, as a receptionist and bar staff at a popular hotel. Then after I had Oscar, I had to take a less well paid, boring part time job to make ends meet.

The company I work for (or worked technically-as they haven't got many hours going at the moment) are a good company and have given me a good opportunity to make some cash while also being able to be at home with my family for most of the time. 

I do think however, that I am not using the skills that I have learnt from my previous job which could be put to better use than just inputting data, even though I have learnt to be more accurate in my work and I have learnt to type faster than I ever thought I could which ARE valuable skills that I can take into another Office job. 

I just think that employers could make working mums lives a little easier, and to help rather than hinder us, as we learn even more valuable skills from being mothers. We had careers too before we were parents and it's just a waste to throw that talent away. 

I am constantly on the lookout for better office work that has part time hours and uses my skills a little more than I do now. I think it's essential for mothers to keep working and providing for the family, as it's not just income, it does also provide a place to learn more, grow more as a person and you're able to have a bit more adult conversation in your life. 

At the actual interview in my front room, I was cr*pping myself. I've never been on television and I hate even other people taking photos of me due to my bells palsy. I'm constantly aware of how I look all the time because I'm so self concious of it! But I did the best I could. I was a bit of a stumbling idiot at times but I think, eventually I got a bit of a point across, though they did seem to paint me in a way I don't fully agree with. I came across a little mopey I think because I did also mention how I don't mind taking a lower paid less skilled job because my son is more important right now...but they edited that bit out I guess.
They also decided to add all 10pounds to my chin. bleugh.

I also was asked to just sit at my computer and type to look like I was working. Don't understand why, as I don't work from home but if it makes me look good then fab. However, It's not like I had anything to write, and ended up just writing a lot of rubbish while he had a camera in my face. It went like this:
"Hello My name is amy I am 24 years old and I like cars and books and games and television and writing and stuff like that and im running out of words to use so im just typing nonsensical rubbish that makes absoloutely no sense and all. hence nonsense.
Wow this is really really bad stuff. I have no idea what I'm writing. And this is really weird but I have to keep doing it because I am told to do it by the camera man and isn't it lovely that im going to be on tv and my".

Needless to say, I won't be doing that again...

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