Tuesday, November 08, 2011

We LOVE Underpants!

Both 'Aliens Love Underpants' and 'Dinosaurs Love Underpants' are written by Claire Freedman. Her books aren't all that popular in our household, but there is a lot to compete with here!

Aliens love underpants is much funnier in my opinion. The dinosaur one just seems more ridiculous with dinosaurs fighting over underpants until they're extinct and the dinosaurs names are just too hard to get your tongue around!  They should have been called something a lot simpler.

The illustrations are my favourite, particularly in Aliens. They have bright, bold colours and are quite hilarious to boot.
The story rhymes, though it doesn't flow as easily as other rhyming stories. I found myself out of rhythm a few times!

But of course pants are hilarious so I think any child would find the book fun to read despite what us boring adults think. Not one i'd pick but both the 'pants' books and fairly well worn nonetheless.


  1. What a fab post and what a lovely blog! I can't believe I missed you before! Thanks for sharing! XxX

  2. Yes, we're fans of the Aliens book in our household, though haven't read the Dinosaur one. Anything to do with pants is funny to a certain age of child, and mine find the mention of 'Granny's bloomers' hilarious. Great book and one I'd recommend particularly recommend to boys.