Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Slightly Invisible-Charlie And Lola

I believe i've already expressed my love of Charlie and Lola. The cartoon on tv is hilarious because Lola asks the questions you'd never think to ask with her older wiser brother Charlie guiding her and answering her wonderfully nonsensical questions.

Synopsis- Charlie and friend Marv are in search of strange and tricky creatures. And they would like to search without Lola bothering and interrupting. Luckily, Lola knows exactly how to catch strange and tricky creatures and enlists a little bit of help from her invisible friend, Soren Lorensen, and, of course, one or three drops of pink milk. 
When Oscar finds a book he likes he will make me read it for weeks on end, and this is one of those books. I had to read Barry The Fish With Fingers and The Hairy Scary Monster every night for about 2weeks so much so I ran out to the shops to buy him a bunch of new books to tempt him away! Luckily this one stuck so I think i'll be reading this for a couple more weeks!

The illustrations are fun, colourful and simple enough for a 3-4 year old and the stories I think are particularly good for children who have siblings as it teaches children about getting along well, sharing and playing nicely. Above I think the books show how much you have to have patience with your younger siblings!

I'm thinking about buying a Charlie and Lola bookset because they are just so easy to read and is something I don't tire of reading too easily.

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  1. Totally agree - Charlie and lola rock. We have first 3 books all perfect in different ways.
    Also huge fan Julia Donaldson here - you can never have enough of her books.