Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monkey Puzzle :S

I honestly swear I will stop buying Julia Donaldson books now. It wasn't even my fault this time! Oscar picked it out himself and I did not encourage AT ALL! honest...

This one is actual hilarious though.

This is about a monkey who has lost his mum and a butterfly tries to help locate her. But of course butterfly's babies don't look like her so there's some confusion as baby monkey tries to explain what she looks like.
Monkey says his mum is bigger than him. Butterfly says she knows where she is and "No, No, NO! That's an Elephant!" and a bat, a parrot and so on. Our favourite part is when butterfly leads monkey back to the elephant again and monkey says "NO,NO, NO! THAT'S THE ELEPHANT AGAIN!!!!".
Rather funny stuff with the usual cute rhyming and familiar illustrations.
Deffo in the fave pile at the moment! And one I don't quite mind reading either :)



  1. i bought that one for olli too there's another good book called 'Dinosaurs Love Underpants' its fab i love that book its really funny, you should get it and review!

  2. Sounds fun!
    I like your blog :)

  3. I have Aliens Love Underpants so i might do a double review for them sometime!