Friday, October 28, 2011

New Book Smell

Have you ever walked past Lush and taken a deep breath in? Then all you want to do is have a lovely long bath with their products?
Have you ever walked past Subway and sniffed in that sandwichy smell and instantly crave a meatball marinara? 
Well, do you ever walk past Waterstones and breathe in that new book smell and want to go and lay down in the lovely new inky smell books? Yes, i'm weird. But I do love that smell. 
With all these e-readers coming out though how can you have a new book smell?! Well, the answer is actually quite simple. Buy it in a can of couse!

I was trying to google what other people thought of new book smell but this was what it came up with. A genius idea if you love the new book smell but have an e-reader. Of course you should be careful not to spray it too much onto your reader unless you desperately want an electric shock. The warnings on this can are quite funny to. A direct quote from their website :

 "Please use in well ventilated area. May cause dizziness and hallucinations. May cause itching and runny nose. If symptoms persist for longer than eight weeks please consult your physician. Not for use on “real” books. Do not use while riding public transportation. Discard empty container with hazardous waste. Not for use as a room deodorizer. Not for use on burning books. Do not use on a Zune."

Should be quite fun if it causes hallucinations while you're reading a book though!! Perhaps I'm not alone in my strange love of new book smell. There are other scents for your e-reader such as 'Crunchy Bacon Scent',  and 'Scent of Sensibility'.  

Quite nutters

Do you have a smell you just can't resist?

(Link to New Book Smell In A Can )
Smell of Books or any other company have not paid me in any way. In fact they have no idea Ive done this blog!

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  1. That is just too funny! I love the smell of new (and old books) too ... an ereader just doesn't do it for me. Although if someone wanted to buy me one from Christmas, I wouldn't say no! :)