Monday, August 22, 2011

Pants, Fairground and something Peculiar.

Soooo, I'm not going to be able to do the children's book review for another fortnight as I didn't get the book when I thought I was going to get it! Sorry! 

If you've been following me blog you'd know that Oscar has just started potty training and he's been getting on great! We've only really had some minor accidents but our problems start when we go out. He's pretty much terrified of public toilets and i'm not sure why. I had to drag him into the toilets in a store the other day because I needed to pee quite bad and he was screaming. God knows what people were thinking!! But on the upside, last night he spent his first night with pants instead of nappy to go to sleep in and he was dry this morning! He asked for it too. His Granny had put him in nappy, then when we got home from her house, he told me to take them off, went to sit on the proper loo, finished then asked for pants!

I also took him to a fairground last week and he FINALLY plucked up the courage to go on one of the rides.  We go past rides all the time in the city center but he's never wanted to go on them. He couldn't pick which one he wanted to go in first because there was so many people, so I just grabbed him and placed him in the nearest one. He got in and started to pretend to drive while we were waiting to pay. We paid. I asked Oscar if he was ready and he looked at me like "What?! I actually have to ride this thing!?" and screamed for about 2 seconds for me to get him out but as soon as the ride started a massive grin spread across his face and he started to turn the steering wheel as he was going round corners (he's a very good driver! turned right when it went right and straightened up when he went forward-genius!) and he had a right good old time. He didn't even cry when he had to get off which i'm very surprised at. 

Then Oz wanted to try the helter skelter. I paid, got the mats and started walking with him up the stairs. but he made the mistake of looking down the gaps between the steps and got freaked out so came back down from that one! He then spotted a Thomas look a like ride and jumped on that one. As with before, he screamed for a couple of seconds when he realized he had to ride it, then it started and he really enjoyed himself.
I had to use my phone so the pics are terrible.
I said he could have one more ride before he went home because by this time it was half 10, three hours past his bedtime! So he went back to the cars one and picks the car he wants, jumps in, no screaming or anything this time. I tried to persuade him away from the car he picked but he wasn't having any of it.
He picked BARBIE!
His Nanna also bought him a light up wand which he's been using to turn me into a frog then saying "Silly old elf, back to yourself" to turn me back. He's quite the Ben and Holly fan.

And on a final note, I dyed my hair a peculiar colour at the weekend.
I figured, I'm 24 in December...that gives me just over a year to act stupid, have crazy hair and just muck up a bit. Because at 25 people expect you to know better, I'll have to wear oversized cardigans and drive a ford mondeo etc etc. 
Here's my hair (can't see the colour too great in the pics but hey ho, it's brighter in real life--but not much)

and that was my week. Work excluded. 
So, I'll try and do another childrens book review as soon as I can. Sorry for delayness!

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