Thursday, September 01, 2011

September means SCHOOL!

1st of September!
Autumn is almost upon us, and alas so is school!
Oscar turned 3 in May which means he starts pre-school this term which we're both very excited about. It means Ozzy gets to make new friends, learn things I alone cannot teach him and he gets to get away from me for a while of course. Myself, I get to have time to clean the house, go to the gym and do all the things that's hard to do with him running under my feet and of course i get to be away from him for a while! Of course I will miss him but it's not the first time we've spent time away from each other.
Oscar also had two 'settling in' sessions at his new pre-school so he could 'get used to me leaving for a short while'. I took some pictures along the way to these.
                                                                                           posing :)

                                                                            Pretty much wanting to leave me behind...

                                                                      Waiting for the bus (which took AGES)

                                                                           "Ok, i'm here now, get lost!"
                                                                     Sulking with me because he had to go home.

He had loads of fun at his sessions dancing, reading stories, playing with some weird looking lego stuff, playing with his new friends in the garden. I know all this because i spied on the CCTV!! I pretty much had to drag him out the first day because he didn't want to leave. The second day, he knew we had to go but would come back so it was a lot easier to leave. I'm guessing it'll be a doddle leaving him next week.
The staff seem really friendly and the building itself seems safe and secure so I can't wait until I actually have some time to go to the gym! yay!

Is your little one starting pre-school or school this term? Are you looking forward to it or dreading it?!

PS- still waiting on the book shop to deliver the childrens book i'm supposed to be reviewing. hopefully be here soon!

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