Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Going a bit Potty

Wayhay! potty training!
It's been an absolute nightmare. Oscar has been ready for a while for potty training and we've done the usual, reward chart for going potty, bribery, corruption, pleading and begging, buying him special potty training pants with Thomas the tank on( we own far too many pants for him now!) we've even tried the cheerios in the toilet! For a long time he just hasn't been that interested.
 But FINALLY! We have a winner!
We found a Cars potty to keep in the front room and we put his reward chart above it and bought some Cars stickers. I got him naked yesterday and for a while it looked like he wouldn't be that interested in that potty either, but after just 15minutes he put himself on the potty and did a wee! In fact, just yesterday he did 12 number 1s and a number 2! (Information you probably are not that bothered about but hey, we all get excited about the silly things our kids do!)
The potty we use has a removable tray, a super soft cushiony seat, a lid with a picture of Lightening McQueen, and probably best of all, it has a gear stick that when you push it down it goes "Vrrrrrooommmmm!!"

It cost us £29.99 from Toys R Us, but for sure worth it.
And the stickers cost £3.99 for 200 stickers also at Toys R Us
It can also be used as a step after they've grown out of it, and it'll fit onto an adult toilet too (but I've not tried that yet).
I just hope Oscar continues to do well with it and that I haven't jinxed it all by writing this!!


PS, new book review coming up soon for 'First week at cow school'!

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  1. hi there, have just bought 'First Week at cow school' for my little boy who starts P1 in august (eek!). haven't read it yet so interesting to see what you think of it too!