Monday, July 25, 2011

the end of an era...

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

I began reading the Harry Potter books when I was 10 or 11. (before it was 'cool', i might add) I borrowed the first HP book from my local library early in the morning, returned home and my mother and I sat on her bed both reading our library books. Occasionally, my brothers or step-dad would walk in and check on us and we'd have the occasional pee break. But otherwise, it was complete silence as I read the book in that one day. I was done just in time for dinner, and I've been hooked ever since. It's been a kind of ritual with me, I'd go down to the shops early in the morning, buy the new HP book on day of release and hole up in my bedroom until I was done reading it. And my house was usually quite hectic, not being able to get a moments peace with two annoying little brothers, but everytime a new book came out, they knew to let me alone until I came out of my room. My mother used to bring me my food on a tray, keeping me hydrated and well fed. I wouldn't even stop to eat really, I would just demand sandwiches and read one handed. And it was the same with the movies, the weekend after release i'd have have tickets to the film after re-reading the book I was about to see. I'm 23 now, and it's all over. So when I say it's the end of an era, it kind of is. I've grown up eagerly waiting for the next book or the next film to come out, so now it's over I feel a bit empty!
So, I saw the final HP film over the weekend, and I was fully expecting to come out mildly disappointed because they changed this and that or there wasn't enough action or too much kissing etc. But It was a perfect balance and I think they did it justice. It opens with what happened at the end of Part1, with You Know Who desecrating Dumbledore's grave in order to find the Elder wand. Okay, so we're caught up, and it goes head on back into the story and the action quickly begins!
The battle at Hogwarts was particularly amazing, seeing all the sets being smashed to smithereens and even Luna Lovegood being brave and standing up to Harry, and Mrs Weasley who quite epically kills off Bellatrix! The story sticks very well to the actual books with only a few minor changes, the only qualm I have is when YKW dies it feels a bit...anticlimactic. He sort of just, burns like tissue paper and that's him gone. Not a whole lot of whoops or cheers really. Also, when the battles over, Harry is walking through the wounded and the families who have lost people and you can see the majority of them smiling! Including Mrs Weasley who lost one of her family members. So thought that was a bit out of place.
And the KISS we were all waiting for! Well, It was okay. I know it was probably very awkward for Emma and Rupert to try and pull off, but it was very quick and not very passionate. But, it was pretty essential to the storyline and it was well enough done that I didn't cringe at least.
I saw the movie in 3D first because, sometimes it can make me feel dizzy watching in 3D, but I think it would add a lot more to the film rather than take it away. Many times I found myself thinking that would look AMAZING in 3D! So I'll probably see it again sometime to find out.

So there's been many laughs, many many more tears and while I'm sad it's over, I'm very proud to have been part of the Potter generation!

Which was your favourite?!
Ps, Neville Longbottom looing hot these days!!

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