Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Gallery - Easter

The theme for this weeks Gallery is: Easter!

My family didn't really celebrate Easter. We got one chocolate egg each from our parents and although we did get to eat chocolate in the morning (though after brekkie) the day was never really celebrated in any way. We're not a religeous family, but I really did miss out on the fun Easter activities my friends got to do!
The past couple of years we've not done a whole lot for Easter for our son, mainly because we thought he was too young to really do anything. He's nearly four now and so we decided to take him out for an Easter egg trail!
This picture was taken the morning of the Easter trail, getting ready by scoffing our faces with choccies and milk and snapping random pictures of each other. This picture for me, is the epitome of Easter. 
Chocolate and kids. 

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