Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hair Hair Too Much Bloomin Hair

Oscar has always had such lovely thick hair and it grows very quickly (just like his Daddy!) I end up having to cut their hair at least once a month or they end up looking like big girls.

 It takes me an extra week to convince them they need it cutting, then I have to try to keep Oscar still because he loathes having his hair or nails cut. 
He'll not be happy unless every inch of his body is protected then the whole time he'll have his hands up by his neck as if i'm going to lop his head off or something.
I've tried to take Ozzy to hairdressers before but I've not met one stylist who can keep him still long enough.

The problem I have with my boys is they look ridiculous if I just took the clippers to them because their heads are so BIG!
When Oz was born, the first thing the midwife said to me was "Oh my, that's a big head!"...*cough*...yes love I know..

Anyway, last night after much bribery and corruption I managed to get him to sit still and managed to get his hair cut completely instead of getting half his head done then him whimping out.
Here's a picture of him with the longest his hairs been and what he looks like now!

HUGE difference! I think if it was any shorter than that though he'd probably look silly.

Anyone else have any hair cutting problems with their children?

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