Tuesday, February 14, 2012

♥ Valentines Day ♥

Happy Valentines to all you twitterpated love birds out there! And if you don't have anyone to spoil you today...well then, who needs men/women (delete as necessary!) anyway!

Me and my Fiance, Andy don't really celebrate Valentines day. We make sure we do something together, even if it's just a meal and a couple of glasses of wine but we really don't see the point in wasting money on cards and flowers and teddy bears when it's so easily forgotten. The cards get chucked into the bin a week later or put into that "junk drawer" where you'll find birthday cards from when you turned 12, some lifeless batteries, 2 envelopes and a wide variety of different nuts, bolts and screws. The flowers wither and die, and the presents will usually end up with Oscar if it involves chocolate or teddy bears!

So, we decide just to chill out. I think it's important to make and effort all the time in relationships, but it's also another nice time of the year where we can make an effort with each other, which can otherwise be forgotten through the rest of the year.
I won't go into specifics, but this year Andy and I celebrated Valentines at the weekend (because he works nights during the week), so I cooked up some steak, he got some chips from the chippy and some wine, I lit some candles for the dinner table and we mostly just sat and talked for a while. And it's been a while since that happened. 

Despite whether valentines is a made up phony holiday for greetings cards to make profits I think people should try to show their love to everyone and just have a little fun. There's no need to buy cards or flowers or flimsy 99p presents, just go and tell your loved one how you feel with your own words!

And use protection! ;)

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