Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My weight loss...or lack of it.

You've probably heard this all before. Or perhaps you're in the same boat as I am in. But I just cannot shift this weight! I've been a yo-yo dieter (accidentally!) for too long. Since my son was born nearly 4 years ago my weight has been crazy.
Before Oscar was around I was a size 8/10. I could fit into almost anything I wanted, then when Oscar was born I was a size 12/14 but went into a bit of depression and ended up scoffing my face full of chocolate most of the time and went up to a size 16/18!!
I managed to get a new job when Ozzy was about 1 years old, at which point I went back down to a size 12 and very nearly fit into a 10...but then I lost my job and I went back up in weight.

Since then I have gone back up to a 14 and I'm actually very sick of my flabby belly, my over sized love handles and my bingo wings. I've tried many a different diet, and many different gyms but nothing has worked! If you have any secrets to your weight loss, let me know. I'm in desperate need!
Anybody else in the same boat as me?

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  1. I can help you if you like lovely? Having had weight problems for years, cracking it, then having two kids, I really know how to do it. But my way will have NO DIET and NO BOOTCAMP - are you sure you are up to it the healthy, fit way?

    I've written it all up in my blog posts about weight loss, exercise and I'm doing a new series called 'healthy eating for rubbish cooks' at the moment. My book will be out in the next couple of months, but in the meantime my blogs will definitely work - they'll make sure you have the mindset and knowledge right to succeed. (You'll see them all under the 'books' tab on my blog). Hope you don't mind me pointing you to my site, I hate seeing Mums unhappy about their weight, especially when I know it's easy to fix, but not easy to know how to.