Monday, January 30, 2012

Harry And The Bucketful Of Dinosaurs (Magnet Book)

I had never heard of Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs by Ian Whybrow before. However, after much research I discovered it is a childrens tv programme with many people saying their children love it. I was slightly dubious though, due to the fact that at the moment, my 3yr old is going through his "nightmare" phase where he will wake me 5 times a night to complain that a dinosaur is chasing him, or the crocodile might eat him up. All of which I blame his daddy for because I know that one night when I was still at work, my darling other half had let him watched Jurassic Park...not a very clever daddy.
However, these dinosaurs I just think are so charming! We have read/played with this book for 3nights and for 3 nights he's not bothered me about nightmares. It may well be a coincidence but for now it's working! 

The story is very small and very simple which I think works well seeing as it's an interactive book. All Oscar wanted to do was play with it rather than me read him too many words. 

The book comes with 9 magnets, and there is a magnetic strip within each page of the book so you can plonk them wherever you like. Oscar finds much delight in taking them all out of their casing at the bottom of the book, putting them on the pages, then slowly taking them all off and starting again! I can also leave him to it and not be worried that he will get bored or anything.

I also enjoyed the illustrations which are nice and bold, bright, simple and clean. Just the way I like it. (There has been many a childrens book where I just get frustrated at the illustrations...usually because there's too much going on in one picture).
Here's a short video of Oscar enjoying Harry And The Bucketful Of Dinosaurs.

RRP 12.99
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*I did not receive any financial gain for this review however we did recieve the book free of charge for review purposes

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