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Trudi Canavan-The Priestess of the White

Age of the Five series
Trudi Canavan

Trudi Canavan is an Australian fantasy writer most commonly known for her Black Magician Series. I had read The Black Magician books not too long ago and thought they were fairly good. Although they are aimed at teen girls, the storyline was fun and adventurous and the characters were very likable.  In fact I think I have that particular series mentioned somewhere in this here blog.
So I thought, hell why not. Lets try the next series!
Baaaaad mistake.
Yes, I know. Me? say something bad about a book?
I could barely even finish the first book because it just hurt my head to read. The story moves far too quickly and jumps about between places, and jumps far too forward in the future with no warning! One minute I assume the main character is a teen girl, apparently the next she's in her early 20s and is a fully fledged magician type lady. I had absolutely no connection to any of the characters and was actually thinking what fun it might be for the bad sorcerer guy to just wipe them all out.
It also draws on a lot of things about religion, which I don't mind too much as I am a religious person, but it's very hard to write about in fiction books and I've seen many authors fail at it.  Which Canavan has. It's a real shame though because I did enjoy her other series and really very much wanted to like this series. I just couldn't get into it! She could have taken more time and care over the story and could probably have dragged it out a bit more so that the reader can get the chance to really know the main character. Perhaps then I may have enjoyed the love story, but it was too predictable!
Anyway, I think i've slammed Trudi C too much. I do hope she continues writing and that she takes more time over it.
I can advise at least to go and read the Black Magician series!!

1st book in the Age of Five Series

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