Friday, September 30, 2011

I Am Number Four

Sorry anybody who actually reads my rubbish. I've had quite a few problems with this blooming blog. luckily I've been writing a few blogs and saving them on my laptop. So here is the I Am Number Four and The Power of Six review.

I bought I Am Number Four when I saw the trailor for the movie. I occasionally like to visit the Teen section at my local bookstore and when I saw it I realised 'Hey! This book is a movie!'. Which doesn't happen very often as I tend to buy so many books I end up reading the book before they even consider a movie for it!
The author is Pittacus Lore, a pseudonym for James Frey and Jobie Hughes.  James Frey was the subject of a scandal when investigators discovered that major elements of A Million Little Peices - an autobiographical account of the authors stuggle with addiction-were untrue. 

Wiki also states "On November 12, 2010, it was reported by both Katherine Rosman of The Wall Street Journal and Suzanne Mozes of New York Magazine that, after a dispute concerning the direction of The Lorien Legacies, Hughes and James Frey ended their collaborative agreement and Hughes stepped away from the series after finishing the second novel, titled The Power of Six[6] It is unclear who will write the remaining four novels."


The books were pretty good. The story is about a young alien boy called John Smith and his fellow alien friends on the run from the other alien people - the Mogadorians - who destroyed their planet.  Earth is their safe place until they're old enough and strong enough to fight the Mogs. John Smiths alien race are known as Lorians, each Lorian teen having a variety of powers.
The book opens with the death of number three.John Smith is number four and so begins the struggle to stay alive and fight the Mogs. 
The Power of Six continues this story as he tries to find the other people from Lorian and to find out the truth behind the destruction of their planet and how many people truly survived it. You get to meet many more of the Lorian children in this book each having different powers to really stir things up. There's also a wide variety of very scary big monster that could kill ya soon as look at ya. 
I also enjoyed the movie. It did receive a lot of criticism but i've no idea why! According to some sites, some people found it boring or too predictable, but this film is aimed at teens and literally every review is by an adult who definitely need to find their inner child! So the critics weren't pleased. boohoo. It was fun and of course it's completely ludacris but it's a STORY! it's not real! Good if you need a bit of light entertainment but not for die hard movie fans. I personally think it's creative, original, and just good clean fun. 

Also, Alex Pettyfer is hot.

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