Monday, September 05, 2011

'Little photos from little fingers'

I was tagged aaaaages ago by to do this photo thingy ma jiggery
So, Oscar has been obsessed with my phones ever since birth. One of his first toys was a plastic phone which he loved to peices and nowadays, many a time he'll make off with my phone and just start snapping things that intrest him. It's usually of me napping on the sofa on my day off but I think i'll leave those ones out!!

His gingerbread man legs are the same colour as my bag!

He loves puzzles

Cheeky monkey

Review coming soon of I am Number Four and The Power of Six

Alex Pettyfur is HOTT

1 comment:

  1. Love the gingerbread man on the bag !
    Bean took a photo of my chin when we did our post on this - and I swear I saw a rogue hair sprouting from it ! Needless to say it didn't make my post ;)
    I'll add your link to this post onto the list on the Little Photos From Little fingers meme page right now x -