Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Three in Ten-Rant!

--"Three in 10 children live in households that do not contain a single book, according to a new survey.
Both the Daily Mail and Evening Standard reported on figures from the National Literacy Trust. The Mail reported the study found almost 40% of those aged 8-17 live in homes with fewer than 10 books. However, 85% of those aged eight to 15 own a games console and 81% have a mobile phone."
--School library budgets have been slashed.Ofsted doesn't take library provision into account when rating schools, and the National Curriculum emphasised reading little chunks of text instead of sitting down with books - so there is no immediate incentive to schools to find the money to buy books.

- London councils are shutting libraries.

There's the facts. 
It's not really in the area that I live but it's still fairly worrying that children would rather watch TV, play videogames and probably cut their eyes out before reading a book. For some reason, children grow up to think books are boring and they just don't want to bother with them anymore. I really think though, that there is a book out there for everyone. My boyfriend, Andy, had pretty much never read a fictional book before he met me, I've now got him to read The Hunger Games Trilogy, The Kingkiller Chronicles and Among Theives by Douglas Hulick. As well as various Zombie related books! He just didn't bother even looking for a good book!

So many people I meet these days have problems with their writing and spelling (I know some people do it for a larf) ;)
But I think now more than ever people need to be reading books to improve their vocabulary, increase their knowledge in culture and to keep your imagination going!
I don't see the point in complaining that people are getting more stupid sat in front of GTA games, when they're about to shut a load of libraries anyway. It's encouraging people to be lazy and not use their brains.
So, that's the rant over and done with. What do you think about it all? comment below with your thoughts! 

I re-organised O's room the other day to make it look a bit better. I've been wanting to decorate the walls for ages and decided on a Gruffalo theme. I even found some really cute stickers to go on the walls of a Gruffalo scene and was ready to buy it when the boyf told me it's him or the Gruffalo! So we're back to square one with the paint jobby. One thing I do like to go mental on though is personalized everything. Oscar mug, 'Oscarsaurus' flannel, notepads, t-shirts....if i could have 'Oscar' stamped onto his own forehead in pretty writing i may well do it. Do you go overboard on anything?!

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