Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Freddie and the Fairy Review

I had been recommended by a friend to read this book to Ozzy. It's her daughters favourite book at the moment and enjoys telling her baby brother all about it. The main 'theme' in the book is about hearing impairments really.
Freddie really wants a pet, and ends up rescuing a fairy called Bessie-Belle. She offers him wishes and he knows exactly what he wants but unfortunately, Freddie mumbles and BB can't hear very well! But the fairy queen helps out.
I don't think Oscar's quite old enough to really understand it properly yet but I think it's a good message for the future and something he should grow up knowing about and understanding. The illustrations (by Karen George) are a bit dodgy, not one of my favourites but it's fun to read.
 Julia Donaldson, the author has also written a few other books you may have heard of and would enjoy; Night monkey, Day monkey, Zog, The Gruffalo (yes i'm obsessed, I realise!) Tabby Mctat, Stickman, Tiddler, Room on the Broom, and tons more. Donaldson is a bit of a God in this house and we enjoy watching out for more of her stuff.
Freddie and the Fairy RRP £5.99
(£3.59 at Waterstones now-20/07/2011)

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