Friday, July 15, 2011

My favourite and my best

Oscars word of the week is: Favourite. 
EVERYTHING is Oscars favourite. Chicken nuggets is Oscars favourite. Chocolate and sweeties are Oscars favourite. 'Jump' is Oscars favourite (an indoor playcentre). 
I thought I would use this opportunity to find out some more of his favourites. 

"Oscar, is Mummy your favourite? Or is Daddy your favourite?" I ask.
He thinks for a second.
"um, um,ummmm, Mummy and Daddy" he replies, ever the peacekeeper. 
"Well," I reply,"why is Daddy your favourite?"
"Daddy plays kick!" he says. 
Haha! I think I must have the awesome answer if Daddy is only good for kick! winner!
"Why is Mummy your favourite?" I ask with a knowing smirk on my face.
"Mummy takes me to Jump!" 
Pfft. Not that we love you or buy you everything you ever wanted, feed you, love you, nurture you and are raising you to be a wonderful person. OH NO! he just likes to play kick and go to Jump. Oh the simple life of a 3 year old!
He learnt the word Favourite from one of his 'favourite' series of books. 
Charlie and Lola by Lauren Child. The books are fun for parents as well as children as they are humorous. I think the illustrations are original and interesting and the type of language written. eg, 'I Will Not Ever Never Eat A Tomato'. So it's fairly difficult to tire of easily!!
'Snow is my favourite and my best', Is Oscars favourite and best. The book itself contains everything you need on a snowy day indoors, there is a double sided play scene to decorate with stickers, snowflake stencils, and glitter to make a mess decorate. A great book to get you all excited for Christmas! (Yes, i know it's July! but i've been Christmas buying already!) 

Here's the Charlie and Lola Video of 'Snow is my favourite and my best'.

You can buy this book from under £3 at

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