Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Gruffalo madness

Just a quick post today!
Just do not have the time today to write a proper post. I have been cleaning my house to within an inch of it's life. I've smelt like bleach all day! And I decided on a whim to move Oscars furniture around because all the really cute things were on a shelf behind the door and I wanted them in plain view! So I spent ages doing that, and came across Oscar's Trunki.
Trunki's are probably one of the greatest inventions ever. They're small, light luggage for children to sit on or push around and they come in all sort of colours and themes. The one we got came with a lot of stickers to put on, a strap for an adult to hold and a cute little kids passport booklet. The best thing about them is, they're small enough to be considered hand luggage! Which meant we don't have to check another bag in when we go away. 
Here's a picture of Oscars Trunki :)
Enjoy your weekend!

We <3 Gruffalo!

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