Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Hunger Games Movie Review

May contain spoilers!

If you haven't yet heard of the Hunger Games, then you must be living under a rock, as I've been seeing it EVERYWHERE for about a month. (if you really haven't heard of it click HERE for a short description-you will need to scroll down a bit)
It came out in cinemas on Friday and I have been so excited to see it since first reading the trilogy in 2009!

My love of the Hunger Games is equal (if not greater) to my love of Harry Potter. I get emotional at the bloody trailer!!

When they first started making the Harry Potter movies, I was not quite old enough to fully understand how massive it was.
But I got excited for 'The Golden Compass" to be released in cinemas, which left me did the movie version of Darren Shan's Cirque Du Freak, Twilight and The Chronicles of Narnia. (Not too bad in comparison to the rest but I left the cinema without that excited buzz).
And I am Number Four was good but I wasn't really that excited for it.

Basically every book to movie adaptation I've seen since Harry Potter has left me feeling BLAH. Finally I think something has gotten me excited again!

This time around, I'm old enough to understand the Hugeness of it all and the suspense has been killing me! I've been walking around doing Rue's four-note whistle without even realising!

I bought my tickets a week ago and I've been guarding them with my life.
I finally went to see it last night!

Whenever I go see a film adaptation of one of my favourite books, the first thing I look for is holes in the storyline that an audience who hasn't read the book might not understand. The Hunger Games was fairly hole free, however I think they could have emphasised some points a bit better. Such as, Haymitch sending Katniss parachutes of goodies if she did what he was hinting at. It only happened once in the film and come the end, I think if i hadn't read the books I wouldn't quite understand Katniss' feelings towards Peeta.

There are so many good points though, I don't think I'll be able to fit them all in!
Firstly, the cast and their costumes were well done. I actually quite liked a lot of the fashion they put them in! I think Jennifer Lawrence (or JLaw as I am now calling her) pulled off Katniss really well. And despite the fact that Peeta isn't as good looking as i'd of hoped, I did still like the character. My favourite scene of him, was when Katniss looks for him in the arena, his camouflage is amazing!

 I wasn't expecting for a teeny weeny tear to appear at the chariot scene, because it was Peeta being all lovely and protecting Katniss and I just love Peeta in the books. (Gale is hotter in the movie though!!)
Although I would of preferred more fire surrounding them...after could tell it was fake fire, so a little bit more coming off them would have been better!

One bit I really liked was the fact that they have put in a point of view from the Gamemakers, which is not in the book. It was really interesting to see how they add things into the arena to make the tributes lives hell. I particularly liked when they added the muttations at the end (the half breed animals), at one point I think the entire cinema papped their pants!!

On the whole, my only real complaint is that it can't be four hours long or had the other two book movies with it!
It was as true to the book as it could have been, and I will be watching it again next weekend!

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  1. Loved this movie! I recently saw it and have downloaded all 3 books to my Kindle. :)