Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My 'Big Sis'

Several weeks ago I signed up to Britmums Big Sis Mentoring Programme to be a lilttle sis, because lets face it-Im a bit noobish at blogging.
I didn't know how to do the majority of things from how to add HTML to my page, to ideas for material. I was in need of some help desperately.
I was a follower of Britmums on their facebook page and saw a status for a mentoring programme to help such noobs as myself. I emailed right away and was given a lovely 'Big Sis'.

Kate Sutton is the brains behind the lifestyle blog at which means she'll gab about just about anything. :)
I think it's the fact that she's so beautifully bonkers that makes her website so darn cool. Kate is also a recent English graduate so she knows what she's talking about and gave me a ton of excellent hints and tips for my blog and how to update it and how to get more in touch with the blogging world. She's an absolute wealth of information and you can catch her posting up all over the internet. I think she's aiming for world domination.

Yes, I know what you're thinking where's the evidence of these hints and tips?! Well, I wont be blogging a whole lot until after new year because work has got me running about like a donkey on acid so anything I do write until after then will be slightly rushed.
However I have taken a very good bit of advice and put it to use already by taking a notepad with me wherever I go. (well I manage to take a book with me wherever I go, so whats an extra lil notepad) And I have been writing down a ton of ideas. (most of them barmy). So, I'm beginning to get the hang of the blog lark now and will hopefully be getting this show properly on the road!

If you're not already, get following WitWitWoo.



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  1. Great idea to have a Big Sis (Big Brothers haven't always proved that much help...). Good luck with the 'donkey on acid' hecticness.